Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You (2016) Rated UR

A look at the life, work, and political activism of Norman Lear. Starring John Amos, Bea Arthur, and Adrienne Barbeau.

This documentary looks at the life of one of the most influential TV producers. Lear tells his life story of a young boy growing up in a family where his father wasn’t very present or loving. We also see his life in the military, where he questioned his role in the war. Then we follow his move to California and his writing for television, where he cut his teeth on shows like The Colgate Comedy Hour and The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show. He then moved on to making his own shows that were groundbreaking and controversial. His shows changed the programing from a more conservative to a more liberal take on life. His shows were great entertainment. All in the Family was considered one of the most influential shows on TV. The film’s downfall is the change of focus from a brilliant entertainer to the push of liberal doctrine. I know he disagreed with the conservatives coming out to say one party is better than the other. I do agree that no Christian should state one party is better than the other, but I also agree that if you believe the Bible, there are parties that disagree with principles of Christian values. Lear is a complex man, and I do agree with his saving and showing off the Declaration of Independence. This film is worth a watch.

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