13 Hours (2016) Rated R

The film follows the six-member security team that came to protect the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, when under attack by militants on September 11, 2012. Based on the book by Mitchell Zuckoff. Starring John Krasinski, James Badge Dale, and Pablo Schreiber.

I will say that this is not one of the best films out there, but it isn’t the worst. I’m actually proud that the filmmakers chose to tell the story since it was swept under the rug and the men were not properly thanked for their service when they didn’t even receive much direction. Michael Bay showed off his action scenes while these men fought to protect and save our diplomates in Libya. I think Bay did a wonderful job at showing the confusion of the night. Bay stayed true to the focus of these men trying to do the job they were given with little direction. He stayed away from swinging one way or another into the political fray. It showcase the patriotism and the sadness of the situation at hand. It’s worth a watch.

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