Sweet Pecan Summer (2021) Rated TV-G

 Sparks fly between a woman and her ex-boyfriend when they come together and work on selling her Aunt’s Pecan farm. Starring Christine Ko, Wes Brown, and Lauren Tom. 

I actually thought this film from Hallmark was a cute, fun romance. There was a lack of chemistry between Ko and Brown, but nothing that really disjointed the story. I actually bought that they loved each other. Although, I’m confused by why they broke up because of the long distance. Lauren Tom is wonderful as the spicy Asian aunt. I really liked her, even if she was a little over-the-top. I also really liked that they acted realistic, taking shoes off at the door and putting on slippers, anyone?!? Loved it, very natural. I absolutely adore Wes Brown, and I loved him in this film – no wonder Ko loved him. By the by, Ko needs to be in more Hallmark films. This is one Hallmark film worth a watch. 

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