The Big Leap (FOX) Rated TV-14

A group of diverse dancers compete in a reality show that’s putting on a remake of “Swan Lake.” Starring McKenzie Chinn, Karen Rodriguez, and Sammy Arechar.

This show is one of those “Oh, no! Not another reality dance show drama.” And yes, it is that, but it also has a strong storyline. Actually, it has quite a few strong storylines. The characters are intriguing and interesting. You wonder where they will go from here, but you also get a sense that it’s going to follow a typical path. The actors are wonderful; none of them seemed forced or out of context. We can see that we’ll have a roller coaster of a ride with this show if done right. The “reality-ness” of the show does take a backseat to the lives of these would-be dancers. This is a show worth a watch.


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