Citizen Hearst: An American Experience Special (2021) Rated NR

 A chronological telling of William Randolph Hearst’s life and media empire. Starring Peter Krause, Robert Chiles, and Stephen Hearst. 

This is a brilliant documentary that exposes how our modern media began, and it’s salacious. It also highlights the politicalness of the times Hearst lived in and what he believed. We watch as his life has its ups and downs, and we see his poor usage of money. The film may have harped too much on his affair with Marion Davies and her personal issues, but it still affected Hearst. The film covers most of his life, both personal and professional. While highlighting the complexities of this fascinating man, the film makes you both love and hate him as a man that changed how we look at the world through his media. It’s worth the watch. 


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