The $100,000 Pyramid (ABC) Rated TV-14

A revival of the classic game show where they pit a celebrity with a contestant in order to win 100,000 dollars. Starring Michael Strahan, Brad Abelle, and Kathy Najimy.

This show is not a bad remake of the original 1973 version. It brings back most of the original highlights. We have a good host in Michael Strahan; he brings both the humor and the smarts needed to make the game show run smoothly. The celebrities aren’t bad, and the contestants aren’t bad either. You either have celebrities that are smart or you don’t – that’s what makes the game. You also have contestants that are smart or cave under pressure. It makes the show enjoyable. This show has all the elements to make it great, but somehow it doesn’t make me want to tune in. This show is not worth a watch.

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