The Vows We Keep (2021) Rated NR

An event planner is trying to give her sister the best wedding she could have in less than a month. Starring Zibby Allen, Kerën Burkett, and Antonio Cayonne.

This is the year that Hallmark has decided to go woke with their programing. Some are hits, and others are misses. This is a miss, and it’s mostly due to lack of chemistry among the characters. While Cayonne is convincing as a guy who is falling for the event planner, in Fiona Gubelmann I saw no reciprocation of feelings. Mostly, the story revolves around family and two sets of sisters. Thus, the romance of the story is pushed to the background, making it feel as if there’s no romance at all. This is not up to the usual Hallmark flair, making the film not worth a watch.

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