Last Vermont Christmas (2018) Rated TV-G

 The Marvin sisters gather one last time in their family home before they all go their separate ways. Starring Erin Cahill, Justin Bruening, and Catherine Corcoran.

This film is not the typical romance you get from Hallmark. Here, we have a family that is having their last Christmas in the home they grew up in with an added romance thrown in for good measure. My frustration with Bruening wasn’t his hair, but his metrosexual style. I was thinking, are we sure he’s into her? Although, I didn’t question that they would end up together. The film just had too many storylines to focus on the one with romance. We have one sister changing life courses, and the other keeping a family secret. The film needs to focus on one storyline rather than trying to bring out three different stories and find the ending that works on all fronts. It’s a film that has its issues, but since the two leads seemed to be somewhat into each other, it’s worth the watch. 

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