Silent Night (2021) Rated NR

A family tries to celebrate the best Christmas while the end of the world is coming tomorrow. Starring Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, and Roman Griffin Davis.

This story is interesting as it takes the joy of the season and mixes it with the coming doom that surrounds us. Yet, in the end there is hope. I love the soundtrack; it’s very festive. The cinematography is beautiful as we watch the storm coming to destroy. The casting is as well as it could be since the script called for dark humor. While the cast did fine on the script, the one downfall I felt was the overload of foul language – especially with the children; really, it could not have a single line without a bad word. The script also has a couple of plot holes; one of which is the death of Alex – I really didn’t think she would’ve died the way she did. The film brings up the question of how much you keep from your children or how much you should tell them. It also brings up the question of the killing of children. It’s a thought process that, for the film, makes sense, but if this happened in real life, I don’t think the concept would fly as well. This film is interesting but not worth a watch.


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