The Good Witch’s Wonder (2014) Rated TV-G

Cassie looks for a lost family memento. Starring Catherine Bell, Chris Potter, and Hannah Endicott-Douglas.

This film revolves around Cassie’s stepson Brandon as he plans his marriage to his fiancée. While the wedding is moved up, Cassie hires a new woman to help run the shop. This woman happens to be the mysterious person that Cassie has to figure out her past in this film. The film seems to prepare us for the series that has been green lighted for next year. It’s not as magical, and the basic story about the family is rushed through. The actors are now very comfortable in their roles, and it shows, while the costumes and makeup sometimes don’t match the characters. It still has a great story, and Cassie is still the overly perfect person that can’t have anything out of place. The story still gives us a look into the family as it changes over the years. This is a film that is still worth a watch.

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