The Wedding March (2016) Rated TV-G

After being separated for two decades, Olivia and Mick are reunited when Mick is hired to play at Olivia’s wedding. Starring Jack Wagner, Emily Tennant, and Josie Bissett.

This film has something that some Hallmark films lack, and that is chemistry between the two main characters. The chemistry between Wagner and Bissett is wonderful to watch. The story of college sweethearts meeting again after a twenty-year hiatus is wonderful to see. Then, the substory between the daughters is just as charming. While the story is charming and different from other Hallmark films, it did lack the touching scenes as they relearn and fall in love all with each other over again. While the story is good and the acting is good, I was still surprised that it continued to have sequels. I didn’t think it was that good, but what better way to have a constant set than overs who keep returning to the Inn. This film is worth the watch.

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