I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007) Rated PG-13

 A divorced mother falls in love with a younger man just as her daughter falls in love for the first time. Starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Paul Rudd, and Saoirse Ronan.

This film struggles with finding its footing. It’s a mixed bag of everything with little to ground it. There are a couple of storylines: the relationships between mother and daughter and the mother and new boyfriend. Those went well together; then you have the character of Mother Nature that just doesn’t make sense, nor does it work for the film. I think it was there to add more comic relief, but you don’t need it when you have Rudd. The film does have a good script.  The actors were perfect for their roles, even though Rudd and Pfeiffer where a little awkward together, at times. It’s a film that is lighthearted and funny, all while being a typical romantic comedy. This is a film worth a watch. 

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