Rescue Me (2016) Rated TV-PG

After an auto caller rescues an interior designer by calming her down, they decide to meet in real life. But each time they meet, fate has other plans and they keep missing each other. Will they ever get together? Starring: Cassie Steele, Ryan Kennedy, and Karissa Tynes.

This film is one of those super sweet romantic stories that makes you wonder how they will last in the long term. It’s also one of those TV movies that drowns out the dialogue with music so you can’t hear what is going. It also has three different storylines going at one time. For the most part, the story is ok but is very drawn out; it could’ve been figured out sooner. It’s predictable and overly sweet with a dash of unrealisticness. It leaves much to be desired with plot holes that don’t come to fruition. It’s a film that is not worth a watch.

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