Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007) Rated R

 A parody on the biopic films follows the story of fictional rock star Dewey Cox as he becomes a music legend. Starring Nat Faxon, John C. Reilly, and Tim Meadows.

This film pokes fun at the biopic films, and it follows the formula of those other biopics. Reilly plays the rock star, and he plays it straight as the story becomes absurd. While that can be humorous, I didn’t find it funny. It wears on you – the craziness of this fictional life. The humor does toe the line and almost crosses over to meanness. Overall, the film is predictable and way too long. While I enjoyed the acting chops of Reilly and Jenna Fischer as his wife, the film just doesn’t cut it. It’s not worth a watch. 

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