Adults Adopting Adults (A&E) Rated NR

This show follows six families as they find other adults to bring into and complete their family through legal adoption. Starring Danny, Christy, Ileana, Vickie, Joe, Kim, Derek, Carol, Bianca, Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, Kevin, Jenny, Michael, Tawny, and Felicia.

This is the one of the worst reality shows. I thought this would be interesting as there are a lot of people out there who would like a loving home and family to love them unconditionally. This show is not that. Obviously, everyone has an underlying agenda that the others in the process are not aware of. Some could just be misunderstood, but others are quite blatant about what they expect. It’s rather sickening to see them behave the way they do. You need to have parental feelings for these adults you are adopting, not attraction. It’s obvious that this is a problem for some of these adults. I would have enjoyed this show if they showcased actual families wanting to make their family whole, but this show highlights crazy and insane issues.  This show is not worth a watch.  

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