Aliens (1986) Rated R

Fifty-seven years after surviving an attack on her space vessel, officer Ripley continues to try to warn those around her about the predators. Starring Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Henn, and Michael Biehn.

This is a great sequel to the original film, Alien. It continues with a great story, thrilling scenes, and great acting. Visually, it’s just as wonderful; we first see the ship Ripley wakes up on and then move on to the mission she and a her crew are sent on. That all was added by a great special effects team to make the monsters real. This sequel changed its genre from horror to action. This does not detract from the thrilling parts of the film as the crew is being hunted by the aliens. This is one of the top-rated films of its generation, and it shows. It’s a film that is worth the watch.

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