America Divided (Epix) Rated TV-14

As the election of 2016 comes into play, this series looks at what divides our nation in education, housing, healthcare, labor, criminal justice, and the political system. Starring Rosario Dawson, Peter Sarsgaard, and America Ferrera.

This series brings to our mind the different subjects that cause conflict in our nation. However, what it lacks is actual facts; it brings celebrities on to talk about the different areas that interest them, but it doesn’t give us anything more than their opinions. I’m tired of opinions. Give out the facts and don’t water them down or expand on the numbers. Give out the truth. This is one show that is done to make you think more is happening than what really is. I don’t believe half of the things they state on this series are true, but then again, isn’t truth relative to the media? America is not falling apart, and this series is not worth a watch.

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