Last Seen Alive (2022) Rated R

A wife disappears after stopping for gas and the husband looks for her in the town’s criminal underbelly. Starring Gerard Butler, Jaimie Alexander, and Russell Hornsby. 

This film has a tone that it’s ripped from the headlines. The plot is so typical you would think you have seen it before. The husband and wife are barely hanging onto their marriage; she had an affair. The cops take a long look at the husband – all the things that you have heard of and read about in the headlines. Is she alive or dead? Are they going to save their marriage or not? She also seems to have some kind of mental illness that is not fully talked about in the film, which leaves some unanswered questions. Does this film leave you at the edge of your seat? No! It’s too much of a replay of life to be intriguing enough to watch. Butler is his usual save-the-day action hero. Alexander, on the other hand, was intriguing in Kyle XY  but has yet to impress me since – and remains unimpressive this time. Hornsby is always nice to see as a good cop; I’ve enjoyed watching him since Grimm. Ultimately, this film has nothing that makes it any different from other action films, making it not worth the watch. 

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