Phrogging: Hider in My House (Lifetime) Rated NR

Victims of phrogging tell their stories of having someone living in their house. Starring Sean Patrick Bryan, Leslie Daniels, and Kalista Price.

These are real-life stories of people who have had strangers living in their homes for cynical reasons. These are skin crawling, twisted, and terrifying stories of real home invasions that scare even me. I can’t believe people believe that this is fun. It’s not fun, and it shouldn’t be entertaining. The victims tell their stories of how they discovered the strangers living in their homes. It’s creepy and scary. They also add in reenactments of the scenarios. The show doesn’t provide any in-depth reasons for the strangers’ motives. However, it is wonderful that they give us the charges filed against the invaders. This show is worth the watch.

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