One Starry Christmas (2014) Rated TV-G

Holly travels by bus to meet her boyfriend for Christmas but along the way, she meets a cowboy. Starring Sarah Carter, Damon Runyan, and Paul Popowich.

This is a typical Hallmark Christmas romance film so the script isn’t the best. Holly seems to hook up with Luke, the cowboy, while she is still in a relationship with her boyfriend. While they did try to highlight that Luke understands her better than her boyfriend, it still shouldn’t be a free pass for that behavior. I love that they didn’t have the music play while they had dialogue – this is one of the few Hallmark films that doesn’t do that. The film didn’t lack chemistry between the characters, but there were still moments of the film not having a good flow. It’s an interesting story but nothing new, and without a good script, this film is not worth the watch.

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