Monarch (FOX) Rated TV-14

The Romans have created a country music dynasty and now it’s time for the next generation to step up to the plate. Starring Martha Higareda, Kevin Cahoon, and Ava Grace. 

This show has to be the worst new show of the season, which is shocking when it does have a great cast with Trace Adkins, Susan Sarandon, and Anna Friel. Adkins is still getting his feet wet in the acting world, and Sarandon isn’t really an actress I think country music fans would be a fan of. Now, I’ve loved Anna Friel since Pushing Daisies. She does have a voice – the whole Roman family has a voice that can carry a tune. That’s a plus, but what it really lacks is a good script and story. Mostly, it’s ripping off Nashville, the better all-around show. If you want to watch a good country music tv show, Nashville is the one. Monarch just doesn’t seem to get country music or even the drama behind the scenes. Granted, I’m not sure if country music is that cutthroat – maybe it can be, but it’s hard to imagine.  Nashville had pretty much the same storyline and it was done so much better. This show is not worth the watch. 

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