The U.S. and the Holocaust (2022) Rated TV-14

A documentary looks at the U.S.’s involvement with the Holocaust and the challenge to democracy. Starring Guy Stern, Deborah Lipstadt, and Rebecca Erbelding.

I was not impressed with this new documentary from Ken Burns. This one toes the line of leftist propaganda about how awful it is that we, Americans, don’t let anyone into our country. All countries have to protect their borders, and in times of war, it’s rather difficult. Granted, we are not angels; we, as a country, don’t always handle it well, but we aren’t ogres. We do try to help, and we don’t always have the best leaders. The show shouldn’t have made us look like we killed all the Jews because we wouldn’t let them all come to our country. The film should have focused more on the historical side than Burns’ own immigration policy. Overall, this is not historically accurate and poorly done on Burns’ part. It’s not worth the watch. 

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