New This Week on DVD, October 18, 2022

 Bullet Train (R)

Five assassins aboard a swiftly-moving bullet train to find out that their missions have something in common. Starring Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson 

 Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank (PG)

Hank, a loveable dog with a head full of dreams about becoming a samurai, sets off in search of his destiny. Starring Michael Cera, Samuel L. Jackson, Ricky Gervais 

 Easter Sunday (PG-13)

Set around a family gathering to celebrate Easter Sunday, the comedy is based on Jo Koy’s life experiences and stand-up comedy. Starring Jo Koy, Lydia Gaston, Brandon Wardell

Bodies Bodies Bodies (R)

When a group of rich 20-somethings plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion, a party game turns deadly in this fresh and funny look at backstabbing, fake friends, and one party gone very, very wrong. Starring Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Rachel Sennott 

 Fall (PG-13)

Best friends Becky and Hunter find themselves at the top of a 2,000-foot radio tower. Starring Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, Mason Gooding

 Pokemon The Movie: Secrets of The Jungle (TV-Y7)

The story of Koko, a young boy raised by Pokémon, and the creation of a new bond between humans and Pokémon. Starring Sarah Natochenny, Kimlinh Tran, Edward Bosco 

 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Series (TV-14)

Time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter must recruit a ragtag team of heroes and villains to help prevent an apocalypse that could impact not only Earth, but all of time. Starring Caity Lotz, Amy Louise Pemberton, Dominic Purcell 

 The Flash: The Complete Eighth Season (TV-14)

After being struck by lightning, Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to discover he’s been given the power of super speed, becoming the Flash, and fighting crime in Central City. Starring Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker 

 Abbott Elementary: The Complete First Season (TV-PG)

Follows a group of teachers brought together in one of the worst public schools in the country, simply because they love teaching. Starring Quinta Brunson, Tyler James Williams, Janelle James 

 The Time Traveler’s Wife: The Complete First Season (TV-MA)

Tells the intricate love story of Clare and Henry, and a marriage with a problem… time travel. Starring Rose Leslie, Theo James, Everleigh McDonell 

 The Thing About Pam (TV-14)

Based on the 2011 murder of Betsy Faria that resulted in her husband, Russ’ conviction, but he insisted he did not kill her. This brutal crime set off a chain of events that would expose a diabolical scheme deeply involving Pam Hupp. Starring Renée Zellweger, Josh Duhamel, Judy Greer 

 Ed, Edd N Eddy: The Complete Series (TV-Y7)

The off-the-wall, day-to-day life of three friends who have exactly the same name. Starring Matt Hill, Sam Vincent, Tony Sampson 

 Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends: The Complete Series (TV-Y7)

A boy and his beloved imaginary friend are able to stay together at an orphanage of sorts for imaginary friends that children have outgrown to be adopted by new children. Starring  Keith Ferguson, Grey Griffin, Candi Milo 

 Christmas in Harmony (TV-G)

Harmony is tricked into auditioning for the Holiday Chorus- directed by an ex-boyfriend. By Christmas Eve, they could be harmonizing in the key of love. Starring Ashleigh Murray, Luke James, Loretta Devine 

 Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls (TV-G)

The Mitchell brothers compete to see who can create the better Christmas House. Starring Robert Buckley, Ana Ayora, Treat Williams

 Three Wishes for Cinderella (NR)

A Cinderella story: in snow-heavy forests the heroine battles against her evil stepmother for her dream of meeting the handsome prince. This is a breathtaking ride featuring brilliant archery and a gorgeous palace ball. Starring Astrid S, Cengiz Al, Ellen Dorrit Petersen 

 This Is Going To Hurt: Season 1 (TV-14)

Set on Labor Ward with all its hilarity and heart-lifting highs but also its gut-wrenching lows, the show delivers a brutally honest depiction of life as a junior doctor on the wards, and the toll the job can take back home. Starring Ben Whishaw, Ambika Mod, Rory Fleck Byrne 

 The Sommerdahl Murders: Series 3 (TV-14)

A love triangle between Dan Sommerdahl, his wife Marianne Sommerdahl and their best friend Flemming Torp occurs as they try to solves killings in Helsingør. Starring Peter Mygind, André Babikian, Laura Drasbæk 

 Moloch (NR)

Betriek lives on the edge of a bog in the Netherlands. When she and her family are attacked by a stranger one night, Betriek sets out to find an explanation. She discovers that something is chasing her. Starring Sallie Harmsen, Anneke Blok, Markoesa Hamer 

Synopsis by IMDB. 

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