Touched by Romance (2014) Rated G

When an author is diagnosed with cancer, her nurse starts a new treatment of helping her finish her novels with joy. Starring Doris Roberts, Rachael Carpani, and Ernie Hudson.

This is a complex film. It has heart, but it needs to have heart as it deals with a terminal illness. Although, I really didn’t care for the main characters. Roberts, as the terminal cancer patient, struggles with depression and wanting to roll over and die. Then you have Carpani as the nurse that wants what’s best for her patient, no matter the cost. Both characters are annoying. This film is also considered a romance as Carpani’s and Sam Page’s characters “supposedly” fall in love, which isn’t really expressed in the story. While there are issues and it’s not an orthodox romance, the story does come together, and it’s still worth a watch.

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