Bullet Train (2022) Rated R

Five assassins board a train and find they all have something in common. Starring Brad Pitt, Joey King, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. 

At first take, this is a brilliant action dialogue film. However, while the action is great, it’s also very unrealistic. The same goes for the dialogue – it was more of a hit-or-miss with the comedic timing. The characters, and there are a lot, were interesting but not complex. At times, the characters seem to be underwhelmed. I first thought this film was made just for the Asian market, and I’m not saying it’s due to the setting of the bullet train but rather the catering to the market. Although Pitt held the film together as the main character among the influx of cameos, the dialogue was the downfall of the film. In between the bantering and delivery of lines, the jokes fell fast and the punchlines didn’t hit. The dialogue just wasn’t witty enough for us to follow and left this film as not worth the watch. 

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