Emil and the Detectives (1964) Rated NR

Emil heads to Berlin to see his grandmother and along the way he runs into robbers who’ve stolen his money. He and a group of young detectives search for it. Based on the book by  Erich Kästner. Starring Walter Slezak, Bryan Russell, and Roger Mobley. 

This is one of Disney’s older live-action films, and I love it when Disney doesn’t take too much creative licensing to the story. It’s a wonderful film for children as the kids play detective to get Emil’s money back. All the while, the detectives and robbers get into scrapes and adventures. In the end, all is well. The story itself is just a fun romp of young detectives trying to help a young boy get his money back. It’s wonderfully written. You also get to see what the war did to Germany. That’s another character in the film. While the actors tend to not speak German or have great German accents, it doesn’t detract from the story. It’s a film that I would show my children. It’s worth the watch. 

Emil and the Detectives Trailer

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