Superkitties (DisneyJr) Rated TV-Y

Super Kitties is the tale of four superhero kitties whose mission is to make their town, Kittydale, more caring. Starring Emma Berman, Pyper Braun, and Jecobi Swain. 

This is a cute series if you don’t take it too seriously. We have four superhero kitties who get the call to fix a problem in their town. The problems are usually caused by villains, who once they discover the issues that arise from their bad behavior, change their behavior in order to fix what they have done wrong. It is a great learning tool for children as the youngest kitty makes a point, in the end, to go for better instead of bad behavior. While I found this a good show for younger children, older children will find it too immature and juvenile. I don’t find the show worth a watch. 

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