The Way Home (Hallmark) Rated TV-14

This series revolves around a family that has been estranged for years but now comes back together facing the past hurt. Starring Sadie Laflamme-Snow, Evan Williams, and Andie MacDowell. 

This show surprised me. It’s unusual for Hallmark granted it’s about a family that has its struggles but comes together in the end. That’s all good, but this show has a mystical element to it that is not so much a Hallmark trademark. I’m not saying it’s bad, in fact, I like it because it’s so unexpected. However, the storyline is not unusual; I’ve seen this plot time and again. The acting is top-notch. We have Andie MacDowell, who returned from Cedar Cove, another show I’ve loved from Hallmark. She plays the loving mother who knows more than we expect. Then we have Chyler Leigh, playing the daughter who’s struggling with hurt from the past, something her mother seems to lack. It’s also wonderful to see Leigh as a more normal human being than the “woke” half-woman and half-butch lesbian that she’s been playing on Grey’s Anatomy. This new series on Hallmark is worth the watch. 

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