Corsicana (2022) Rated R

Deputy United States Marshal Bass Reeves teams up with his former partner as they track down the Donner gang. Starring Isaiah Washington, Noel Gugliemi, and Lew Temple.

Based on the true story of Marshal Bass Reeves’ hunt for the Donner gang. I actually thought this film was interesting as they tell a forgotten tale from the west with a U.S. Marshal. The film opens with a violent attack by the Donner gang that doesn’t give us much information except for the fact that they are evil men. As the story unfolds it reveals the past of who Reeves was and who he is now. While we do finally get the history of Reeves, the story does have a continuity issue. Washington played Reeves brilliantly. As one of the first Hollywood actors to be canceled for misuse of verbiage, he brings to life a hero that is forgotten in time. I enjoyed the story and the acting of Washington, but I believe the film could’ve been better. Thus, it’s not worth the watch.

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