The Story of Diana (2017) Rated NR

 This film tells the story of Diana and how she changed the face of celebrity. Starring Jess Cagle, King Charles III, and Hillary Clinton. 

This isn’t just about how Diana was but how she changed the way the media showcases celebrities. It is interesting that the change of media happened during the reign of Diana, Princess of Wales. Her brother talks a little about their childhood, but it is mostly the media heads talking about her childhood. Although, as he talks about their childhood it makes me wonder if we really know the truth about it. The film’s focus isn’t so much on Diana but the change of the media throughout her lifetime. It also focuses on her use of the media and why she may have used the it to her advantage. The film’s focus is the media but, of course, the media also produced the film. It’s an interesting look at her life, making the film worth the watch.


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