Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars (FOX) Rated TV-14


Gordon Ramsay adds to his empire by finding the next Food Stars. The contestants are challenged each week on food management to win an investment of $250,000. Starring Gordon Ramsay, Caroline D’Amore, and Chris Kanik. 

At first, the show looks like any other Ramsay show. He makes an entrance that I’ve seen him do a number of times on the other series. Although, he hasn’t yet given much advice or molded them into what he wants from them. They are their worst enemies. It’s up to the contestants whether they do good or bad. It’s very reminiscent of The Apprentice, and it all depends on money and how to make a profit. It’s obvious that they have included certain contestants on the show just to be annoying. It’s not bad, but I worry that viewers won’t be able to distinguish it from Ramsay’s other shows. It’s still worth a watch. 

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