The Arrangement (E!) Rated TV-14

A TV actress is offered a marriage contract with Hollywood’s biggest star. Starring Josh Henderson, Christine Evangelista, and Lexa Doig.

This show is a mixture of old Hollywood, cults, and romance. It’s old Hollywood when the marriage is a contract between the two stars, so publically they would have to be romantic. The cult aspect comes into play as the biggest star is very involved in a private organization that has an image they must uphold. Then, you have the romance between the two stars as they fall in love with the world believing the false exterior. This is very much like a Tom Cruise story. You can’t help but think of couch-jumping Tom as the romance seems so fake as well. The story pulls you in as the actress is smarter than those around her and has her own secrets to keep as she tries to stay above water. I was quite surprised by E! producing such television since they enjoy reality TV more. It’s better than I could have imagined, even when the show went off the deep end, and it does eventually lose its focus. Still, it’s worth the watch.

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