Burden of Proof (HBO) Rated TV-14

After his sister’s disappearance, a brother searches for answers. Starring Savannah Bruffey, Wade Hunt Williams, and Kim Winter Mako. 

What makes a true crime series good is a great mystery, and the mystery of Jennifer Pandos’ disappearance is a big mystery. I feel for the family as a whole – the mother, brother, aunts, uncles, friends, and even the father.  Although they’re a family, it isn’t a typical one – not in their relations or in their reactions to situations. The facts don’t add up, and it’s hard to pinpoint who may have been involved in Jennifer’s disappearance. The pacing of the show is brilliantly done. It pulls us into the story and has us questioning everything that happened on the night of her disappearance. What does seem to be true is that the police may have blotched the case. The series follows a number of twists and turns. There are a number of suspects, but we only pay attention to the ones her brother is fixated on, his parents. This series is worth the watch. 

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