My Adventures with Superman (AdultSwim) Rated TV-PG

 Clark Kent is discovering who he is while falling in love with Lois Lane. At the same time, Lois is taking Jimmy Olsen, Kent’s best friend, under her wing.  Starring Alice Lee, Ishmel Sahid, and Jack Quaid. 

This show is quintessionally Superman. Kent is the typical Clark Kent and Lois is Lois. It is so refreshing to see this instead of the Superman they’ve made him out to be on the big screen: someone who doesn’t care about the destruction that he creates when saving people. This one cares about everything. This series also starts the three characters on equal footing, as interns at the Daily Planet. I’m surprised when Lane is the star reporter but hasn’t actually written anything at the newspaper before. That’s easy to forgive. Quaid as the voice of Kent is perfect. In fact, I can’t complain about any of the voices. Also, I know this is on Adult Swim, but it really is PG, nothing adult about the show.  This series is worth the watch. 

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