Return of the White Shark (2023) Rated NR

A group of Great White Sharks have begun to appear at beaches that are great tourist attractions, but why are they coming there and what are they hunting? Starring David Weeden.

This show tries to find out why sharks are coming to an area that has high tourism. This show, in my opinion, is pointless – to which a local points out, sharks have always been in this area, they just want to make it seem like they are new to the area. They fluctuate between being around a lot and only a little. The scientists have little to reason with except the change in vegetation and the fishing in the area. They cut back on fishing, so now the sharks come due to what they eat. It’s a common answer and a mute point to do a show on. Although, it’s another way to understand these animals when you know what they prefer to eat and it’s not human. This film is not worth the watch. 

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