Next Great Restaurant (NBC)

Rated NR

This is a typical reality show. It has all the makings of a reality show but there was something that makes me a little uncomfortable to watch. It seems to me that some of the judges have an idea in their heads about what they are looking for. They aren’t letting the contestants grow with their ideas. If they would allow the contestants to learn from their mistakes and give them valuable instruction. I heard one judge say to a contestant: I don’t like it, change it. Whose restaurant is this? The contestant or the judge? I know the judges are putting in their own money but if you want your own restaurant start your own. Don’t put down the contestants dream for what you want it to be. I don’t mind you giving advice: the name of your restaurant isn’t going to go over well with the public, not I don’t like, change it. I can tell you now the restaurants aren’t going to make it if that is the case.

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