Harry’s Law (NBC)

Rated TV-14

Well, well, well. What a gem of a show. The writing is magnificent. Not surprising because the show is produced by David E. Kelley. It’s very classic Kelley with his very nutty characters. It’s been classified as the worst David E. Kelley show and as the critics pan the show, the audience endorses it. I will agree with the critics on one thing, the show is boring but I have never been one to become a fan of Kelley’s. Does this show deserve a second season? I’m not sure.


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2 Responses to Harry’s Law (NBC)

  1. He only had one show on the air Boston Legal and now that its gone he has none. I liked Boston Legal but the finale showed Kelley at his worst xenophobia sexism lazy plotting inability to familiarize himself with the issues hes preaching about and suggested once again that without the chemistry of William Shatner and James Spader the show would have been canceled even earlier than it was.

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