Love and Other Drugs (2010)

Rated R

A Pharmaceutical representative falls in love while trying to become the top sales rep. It’s based off the book Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman by Jamie Reidy.

I have some beef with this film. One, I think Pfizer paid for the film. I don’t mind product placements in film but when that is all you see it gets a little tiresome. Although, I will say this I don’t think this film would have had a leg to stand on if they had a fictional pharmaceutical behind it. Two, Maggie’s struggle with Parkinson’s. In the beginning it was mentioned but then nothing was said until midway through the film. Despite this I did enjoy the film. I think Edward Zwick did a fantastic way in showing the ups and downs of love. The chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway was so good I could believe that they would be a real couple. I’m now rooting for Jake and Anne to get together. Yes, this film is the quintessential love story. Loved it.



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