Sullivan and Son (TBS) Rated NR

Steve Sullivan, a corporate lawyer, returns home to the bar that his Irish American father owns. Steve surprises his father and Korean mother by purchasing the bar. Starring Steve Byrne, Brian Doyle-Murray, Christine Ebersole, Jodi Long, Valerie Azlynn, Vivian Bang, Owen Benjamin, Roy Wood Jr., Ahmed Ahmed, Dan Lauria

This is a great half hour comedy show. It’s very traditional comedy show. Sullivan and Son highlights a mixed race family with conventional comedy. We have the basic formula, a bimbo, a hero and a politically incorrect person to make the comedy. This show may seem like a rip off other shows we remember but I say it’s a good comfort show. I  occasionally enjoy the shows that you don’t have to think, you can just enjoy. For that, Sullivan and Son is worth a watch.

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