The Grey (2011) Rated R

The GreyA Plane crashes in Northern Alaska with 6 oil field workers survivors. The plane crash wasn’t the only thing they need to survive from they are tracked by a pack of wolves. Starring Liam Neeson, Frank Grillo, Dermot Mulroney

This film is on a lot of top film lists and I must say I disagree. I don’t think this film has any unrealistic or realistic elements. It does have a great suspense. I greatly dislike the ending. It did end with a great climatic but I think the ending should have happened 5 minutes earlier with cry out to the Lord. That should  have been the ending. Since they didn’t end it there I took it as a punch in the God’s face. It is an anti religious film and I question the filmmakers belief in the making of this film. Of course the death at the end verifies that you can’t live on your own. I’m not spoiling anything here. If you want to see the film be my guest but I respectfully disagree.

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