George Cukor

george cukor

 My Fair Lady (1964) Rated G

In this classic cinematic version of the Broadway smash, Audrey Hepburn is at
her most radiant as Eliza Doolittle, the Cockney flower girl transformed into a
poised duchess by Professor Henry Higgins.

 The Philadelphia Story (1940) Rated NR

Socialite Tracy Lord prepares to remarry, but her ex and a tabloid reporter
have other ideas as they converge on her home for a fateful visit. The three
stars form an incomparable trio in one of the most tantalizing screwball
romances ever. And under the direction of George Cukor, this once-urbane
Broadway comedy springs to life with precision and wit.

 The Women (1939) Rated NR

George Cukor directs an all-female cast in this catty tale about battling and
bonding between friends and enemies that was edgy for its time — and is
considered the greatest women’s movie of the 1930s. Norma Shearer, Joan
Crawford, Rosalind Russell and other Hollywood leading women are among the
array of husband-snatchers, snitches and lovelorn women who argue and gossip
about each other at astonishing breakneck speed.

 Sylvia Scarlett (1935) Rated NR

Disguising herself as a man, Sylvia Scarlett boards a ferry with her improvident father to smuggle some expensive stolen lace and sell it for a handsome profit. But complications ensue when the duo hooks up with a rakish jewel thief. This classic comedy is notable in part for a then-scandalous on-screen kiss between Hepburn and her female co-star,
Dennie Moore.

 It Should Happen to You (1954) Rated NR

Gladys Glover has found little recognition as a model/actress
and aims to boost her persona by renting a billboard — smack-dab in the middle
of Manhattan — adorned with her photo. Soon, Gladys is deluged with support
from a wealthy patron. Her new benefactor is instantly
captivated by her beauty, but Gladys’s boyfriend, Pete, is not as
supportive, sure that Gladys has succeeded only in objectifying herself.

Synopsis by Netflix.

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