That’s Entertainment (1974) Rated G

That's entertainmentMGM stars presents some of their musical moments from MGM films. Starring Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, Peter Lawford, Liza Minnelli, James Stewart

This is a great collection of musical numbers from films that are MGM classics. It was filmed on the back lot of MGM which sadly was mostly sold and destroyed later. It would have been nice if they had taken Universal’s route and made it into a tourist attraction. Since a number of classic films were shot there. This film also showcased the stars of MGM with appearances by Fred Astaire, June Allyson, Bing Crosby, Gene Kelley, Peter Lawford, James Stewart, Debbie Reynolds and many more. It’s fun to see them one last time and get their thoughts on the songs. I especially enjoyed them talking about their co-stars and friends. This film is worth a watch particularly if you are a musical lover.


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