That’s Entertainment Part II (1976) Rated G

That's entertainment2A sequel to the 1974 documentary film, That’s Entertainment. Includes more films between 1920-1960’s. Starring Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Bing Crosby

Gene Kelley and Fred Astaire, co-hosted this film, because of this we get to see the two of them dance together for second and last time. This is also Fred Astaire’s last time to dance on-screen. I know this film received more critical acclaim then the first but I have to say I enjoyed the first more than this one. I enjoyed seeing more of the stars and this one only had Astaire and Kelley, even though they entertained us between sections of film. In this sequel you get more of a behind the scenes shots of the shots in the MGM films. You also get unseen versions of some of the numbers. Again this film is worth a watch even more so for fans of film.


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