God’s Not Dead (2014) Rated PG

God's not deadA college student is put to the test when his professor asked him to deny God. Starring Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, David A.R. White, Dean Cain, Willie Robertson, Korie Robertson

The writing of this film is amazing, I give my hats off to the writers for the answer this college student was able to give. Not to say this is a perfect film, there is a lot that lacks. For one, the other stories that are told and woven through the student and professor is are not well written. In fact, I kept wondering why they were even there, they didn’t enhance the story any. Actually, there isn’t much of a surprise through out this film. It’s cookie cutter. With the Robertson’s of Duck Dynasty doing a cameo to the not surprising ending with the professor. The highlights are the banter between the student and professor. I truly think all Atheists should watch this film. It’ll give them insight about why some people have an “imaginary” friend.


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