American Movie (1999) Rated R

American MovieA documentary on a filmmaker’s journey to complete his low-budget film. Starring Mark Borchardt, Tom Schimmels,  Monica Borchardt

I watched this film because so many people said it was great film on showing the hardship of getting a movie made. Which this is but I struggled with Chris Smith exploiting the filmmaker, Mark Borchardt in the making of this film. Borchardt came off as a drunk slacker than a promising filmmaker. Borchardt also has a good mouth on him and is able to talk those around him into doing what he wants them to do. This, Borchardt seemed to exploit the people around him. I don’t think you need to that, even if Hollywood says you do. The question is, does Mark Borchardt have talent? I’m not sure. I think his brother said it best who is making this film for, what kind of audience is Borchardt looking for or is he just trying to make it rich. Which I don’t think would happen without talent or experience. Borchardt had little experience. This film is a miss for me. The film mostly covered Borchardt’s failings and not enough of a redemption for me to enjoy. The film makes Borchardt one of many failing into the film history books. Sad but true. It’s a miss.



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