An American Christmas Carol (1979) Rated NR

American Christmas CarolBased on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, London is transformed to Concord, New Hampshire during the great depression. Starring Henry Winkler, David Wayne, Chris Wiggins

Benedict Slade is the modern Mr. Scrooge without the cruelty that Scrooge is. Slade is more of a business man and is willing to move ahead at any cost, even stepping on the people he left behind. Although, A Christmas Carol has been done over and over in multiple ways this one version is an understated treasure of a change. It’s not overdramatic or had drastic changes from the classic version. Henry Winkler played Slade and didn’t do too badly especially considering that this was released during his Happy Days heyday. It made me appreciate him all the more as an actor. This is a can’t miss version.


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