One Child (2014) Rated TV-MA

one childMei, a Chinese born adopted child, gets called back to China by her birth mom to help free her brother from being unjustly arrested. Starring Katie Leung, Mardy Ma, Elizabeth Perkins, Linh-Dan Pham, Sebastian So, Donald Sumpter, Selina Lo, Nicholas Goh, Kunjue Li, Lukaz Leong, Sandra Yap

I will say this about this miniseries, it did a great job of showing the difference between China and the western world. All the while, showing us that we are all the same. That this can happen anywhere. Throughout the movie, I did question adopted parents lack of getting involved in their daughter’s life, I understand she is an adult but really as parents I would want them to be more supportive and involved in my life. I would hate this distance that they provided. This, distance which help cause the confusion in Mei’s life and where the love actually is. She was trying to find love of parents. While that was a subplot to the story of Mei’s problem, the film showed a very realistic portrayal of life in a Communist country. Thus, Mei is sucked into trying to free her brother. This has to be one of the better miniseries of the year. It’s well worth a watch.



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