Atlas Shrugged: Part I (2011) Rated PG-13

altas shrugged

Based on the novel by  Ayn Rand. Railroad executive Dagny Taggart and steel mogul Henry Rearden fight against the authoritarian government of the United States. Starring Taylor Schilling, Grant Bowler, Matthew Marsden

I didn’t find this film too bad. It played on a rather fast paced story that unfolded quicker than I thought it would. The actors fit there roles perfectly and made me become intrigued into the story far more than I was expecting. Giving that, it isn’t a film that would have climatic points. It just moves a long and unfolds like a book should. Which this film is based on. I think it plays like the novel would. Is this the best film out there, no, but it’s a good representation of the book. I would give this a recommendation if you are a fan of the book.


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