Escape From Hell (2000) Rated UR

escape from hellA doctor questioning the afterlife, decides to take matters into his own hands to discover the answers. Starring Daniel Kruse, Emilie Jo Tisdale, Terry Jernigan

I wasn’t expecting much with this film and it leaves something more to be desire. It is a rather poorly made film. Kinda like mine, I think, but it does get its point across. That there are two places you can go to in the afterlife. I do think that they lost the actually point of who Christ was and why we need Him. They rather glossed over the relationship of God with us. They just quoted scripture when ever they needed to talk about the reason that God sent his son or why we should understand that we are all sinners. Other than that I do believe that the filmmakers had a heart for unbelievers but I don’t think unbelievers would understand or believe in this film. It was made for Christians to watch and understand. I would recommend  this film to Christians.



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