American Crime (ABC) Rated TV-14

American CrimeAmerican Crime is a show that follows the victims and the legal system as it explores complex issues involving  race, class, and gender politics. Starring Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, Regina King

I saw only one episode of this series and I did not connect with one character. They all don’t seem to connect with me. On top of that they have too many characters to focus on which leave the plot lost in the shuffle. They can’t seem to go into the depth that they need. That being said, it isn’t a show that is poorly made, they’re on top of the line showcases here. John Ridley knows how to do shows that show off drama but maybe used it a little too much here.  Felicity Huffman and  Timothy Hutton are actors that know what they are doing but they get lost in the shuffle of all the other characters that need face time. This show is a pass for me.



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